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Financial Fundamentals was born from a desire to teach real people, in real life situations, how to make money work for them. 
Money is a game only banks seem to be winning and that doesn’t seem fair.
Consolidation loans, complex financial plans and even basic budgeting strategies and approaches to everyday spending are lacking one of the most

important factors in the equation…the HUMAN FACTOR. Nowhere in mathematical calculations is there a place for human behaviour yet it is humans who spend, save and give money away. 

Until we understand and we master our relationship with money, we cannot master our finances. With a passion for financial literacy, a degree in Psychology and honours in mathematics, our team works with individuals and families to bridge the gap between the theoretical math and the real life application.  


Using this unique approach, Financial Fundamentals has helped hundreds of people throughout the country increase their net worth tens of thousands of dollars and live consumer debt free once and for all. 


By mastering our psychological relationship with money, we can win with money and build wealth to take care of our loved ones and help our community.

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Blog News

    I am so thankful for all Jenn has taught me about my relationship with money and how to be in control of it. And even more surprising, how to finally enjoy it!

— Brandie 



       Having the opportunity to go through things with you and to have your guidance, advice, and expert knowledge was really incredible, and I want you to know how grateful we are.



— Jaime 

    My husband and I took the Debt Destruction course. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. We started with $70,896 in consumer debt and 12 months later, with Jenn and Angie's guidance, our debt load was $25,000!!



— Tara

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