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Meet the team that was once in your shoes. Worrying about how to make ends meet, living paycheque to paycheque and using credit cards to make up for shortfalls in income, these ladies know what it's like to lose sleep over money. After years of trial and disaster, our team enjoys a life completely free of consumer debt and also complete mortgage freedom while still in their 30s.

It is attainable. It is possible. Let us help you do the same.

Jenn Widney

Financial Coach

Getting a credit card as a young adult opened up Pandora’s box for me.


What started as a good-intentioned, responsible decision to build up my credit score, quickly turned into unnecessary purchases and mismanagement of my money.

Sick and tired of living paycheque to paycheque, wondering how to pay for life’s 

unending expenses - I hit rock bottom when I robbed my daughter’s piggy bank to pay a credit card bill I couldn’t afford. 

I remember thinking, “This cannot be my life. How did I get here?”


I knew there had to be a better way. After approaching the bank for solutions, I learned very quickly that the banking system was not set up to help me win. 


One day at a time, I healed my relationship with money and learned how to make money work for me. I was both consumer debt-free AND mortgage-free by the time I was thirty-three years old and I haven’t looked back.


This experience has fuelled a passion for helping people achieve financial freedom and release themselves from the burden of debt. 


I love to make finances interesting and fun and dig in to find the root of the issue. I care deeply about raising up generations of financially-free children through education. I also LOOOOVE budgets, and I believe my superpower is creating cash-flow plans that are contagious!

Angie Kraeling

Financial Educator

I have two vivid childhood memories. The first takes place at the dinner table as a tiny portion was placed in front of me and my mother apologizing that this was all there was for dinner that night.

The second memory is my mother patiently teaching me how to create a budget and balance a chequebook. She gently reminded

me, “Make sure you never spend more than you have.”


As I recalled these memories into my teenage years my mind raced with worry.  Is this what money was all about? Working tirelessly in hopes to just provide meals and balance the chequebook? Living dollar to dollar just to make ends meet? Is this what I had to look forward to once I reached adulthood?


At the age of 23, I was working an entry level job and relying on a credit card to make ends meet and my financial goals seemed out of reach.


I was determined to prove to myself that I was in charge of the future I wanted. I went back to working three jobs, bought my first home and not only made the budget work, but also began to change the life I always knew I didn’t want. 


My financial future was all up to ME. I learned to look at money as something I could earn, manage, and peacefully enjoy. Now with a supportive, like-minded husband by my side we enjoy a debt-free, mortgage-free life and feel confident in our financial decisions. 


My life has shaped my intense desire to share this possibility. Educating others to understand just what they are capable of and see the possibility for their future. I have walked the walk and now happily look forward to walking next to you.

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