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We have the tools. We have the knowledge. We want to share it with you. You are ready to take the next step to financial understanding and need to know how. We have arranged an array of educational and learning opportunities for all levels to assist you in understanding the steps involved to achieving the financial goals you desire.

Debt Destruction Fundamentals    12.5 hours | Contact for more detail
Do you want to eliminate consumer debt from your life once and for all? Then this course is for you! Eliminate financial stress from your life by learning the tools you need to master your relationship with money and live free from the financial burden of debt. We will talk about cash flow plans, communicating with your partner about money and how to pay off your consumer debt once and for all!
This course is a 5-month commitment with 1 session per month and weekly email check-ins and challenges designed to keep you on track. We have options for in-class learning in Calgary, AB and an online option as well.
Kids Fundamentals of Money    1 hour & 30 minutes | Contact for more detail
We believe the earlier we can teach our kids about money, the better. In our opinion, kids are ready to start learning about money when they are old enough to know not to eat it! In this 90 minute workshop, we welcome your children to learn some basic financial literacy concepts to get them started developing a healthy relationship with money. Most importantly, they will leave knowing never to spend the whole dollar!
Fundamentals of Money    2 hours & 30 minutes 
Explore some of our human behaviours with money to create the financial peace we desire. We will address budgeting strategies, everyday spending & cash flow plans, communicating with your partner about money, and some basic debt destruction strategies. We will also answer some basic questions about insurance and investments to empower you to take an active role in your finances.
One-on-One Coaching Session    1 hour | Contact for more detail

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