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Here it is: You, Your Partner aaaaaand Your Money!

We hear all the time that finances can ruin marriages. Financial strain can DESTROY a relationship. So what if we re-write our financial story with our partner to be one of cohesiveness and abundance?

As small children, we begin to write our money stories. We can often bring into our relationships all sorts financial baggage and beliefs. Talking about money can easily be the catalyst to a fight with our partner. Having a partner who spends carelessly can cause stress, having a partner who is always saving and never spends can cause resentment.

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

We’ve brought together an amazing 3some of experts to help you and your partner navigate through the murky waters of communicating about money. At 4 Love & Money you will hear from Human Connection Expert, Mark Groves who will walk you through developing communication skills to ensure you are able to have ‘the money conversations’ easily and effortlessly; Jenn Widney, Financial Coach, will share with you some strategies to pay off debt quickly through budgeting and cash flow planning and Money Coach, Dan Harrison will unveil a strategy to build real wealth and finally understand how money actually works.

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