Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 seconds

Who died?

Did you win the lottery?

Where do you live?

How small is your house?

Whenever someone hears I am mortgage-free, these are some of the questions I am asked.

I am faced with skepticism, disbelief and the assumption that something “lucky” must have happened in order to accomplish this goal.

Sometimes it’s easier to assume that it was luck that brought something we wish we could accomplish too. But when we do that, we overlook the time and effort and SACRIFICES it required to accomplish that big goal.

When I find myself doing this to other people and I look deep inside myself, what I find is ugly. What I find is jealousy.

How to I combat the ugly before it takes residence and pollutes my perspective of others? I celebrate them. I congratulate them on their success. And if it’s something I really want too - I ask them HOW they did it!

One of the most powerful things I have learned about people who create their own luck is that they are extremely generous in sharing the strategies that worked for them because they want others to have success too!


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