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We’ve had some amazing questions about our fall Wealth Building session and we’d love to share a little more about the course. If you answer yes to any of the following statements, our course just might be right for you… - I feel like financial experts talk ‘over’ me - I want to know I’ll have enough money when I retire - I want to enjoy my money while I’m still young enough to do so - I want to be in control of my financial future - I want to increase my net worth and protect my wealth - I’d love to pay off my mortgage in 7 to 10 years - I want to communicate effectively with my partner about money More importantly, this course is not for everyone. We are not trying to be everything to everyone. If you answer yes to the following statements, you’ll be disappointed with our class as we won’t be covering these topics… - I want to learn to invest in real estate - I want to learn how to be a day-trader - I think insurance is an amazing investment vehicle - I want to live paycheque to paycheque for the rest of my life - My parents are going to leave me a huge inheritance when they die so I don’t need to plan for my own future (and if they’re living too long and I need their money, I’ll just step on their air hose) Wealth Building Fundamentals is going to cover saving, investing, and cash flow strategies using everyday terminology. We will provide ideas, concepts and tools to tailor a plan that works specific for you and your financial goals. Registration will open next month. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list for early bird pricing or receive some additional course information, please email us at jennwidney@gmail.com.

— with Dan Harrison and Jenn Widney.

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