I was asked about grocery pricing and I cried.

I was asked about grocery pricing and I cried.

No one could have been more surprised about this unexpected emotional reaction than me.

We get a lot of questions from our clients about groceries; how much to budget, how to spend less, where to find the best deal… All sorts of ideas are shared and discussed about the cost of food and the role it plays in our cash flow plan.

In this particular instance, I was explaining how I have a sharp memory when it comes to price comparing - I tend to remember how much things cost, so I know a good deal when I see one. Someone asked: ”How do you remember the prices of all the groceries from one store to the next?”

Out of nowhere, a tremendous amount of emotion bubbled up and out came all the unexpected feelings.

It is easy for me to remember mundane grocery item pricing, because of what it means to me.

Let’s be clear, I never went hungry. I always had what I needed to fuel my growing body as a kid. However, I certainly didn’t have a lunch that looked like my friends either.

Groceries are important to me because I want my family to eat well. I want them to enjoy an abundance of variety and always know there are healthy food options available. I want them to know that we won’t run out of food. And sometimes I want them to be able to just enjoy a treat.

I want my children to know that there are meal options, and that sometimes they can be part of the planning process. They can share input into what they like and don’t like, what they might enjoy for certain meals and things that aren’t their favourite. When I was younger these weren’t options I had. My circumstances left an impact that led me to want something different for my kids.

I really enjoy grocery shopping. I like to plan my meals based on what is on sale that week. I love to compare and get creative about saving on my groceries while providing good food for my most important people.

You tend to excel at things that hold importance to you personally. Groceries are important to me. I make it a priority and give it the time and attention I feel it deserves.

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