Do you need more space or do you need less stuff?

In 2007 we moved into a bigger home primarily because I insisted we needed more space. At the time we were two adults living in just shy of 1400 square feet, not including the unfinished basement. Most days it felt like we were bursting at the seams.

There were overflowing spaces everywhere. I had taken over the majority of the walk-in closet, the closets in the second 2 bedrooms and had a clothing rack in the basement for whatever I couldn’t fit upstairs. Our linen closet typically wouldn’t close without a little maneuvering. Our kitchen cabinets provided inadequate space to house all of our things. Even our cleaning supplies were piled up in the bottom of a closet because there was no where else to put them.

Our ensuite had a shared sink which led to what seemed like elbows everywhere when I was trying to do my hair or make-up at the same time as my fiancé would want to brush his teeth. We didn’t entertain often because it never felt like there was enough seating to offer our guests.

We found a new home and quickly fell in love with it. There were two sinks in the ensuite, an additional 600 square feet, larger closets and more cabinets, there was even a bonus room - for someone crying for additional space, who wouldn’t want a bonus room!?!

Moving into our new home felt fresh and spacious. We bought new furniture to fill our new bonus room, we purchased additional small appliances because we now had the cabinets to house them. I even purchased more hangers to accommodate all of the new clothes I was able to purchase for my larger closets.

Still two adults. Now with 2000 square feet and it was starting to feel a little cramped again.

Having two children brought in even more stuff. We developed the basement to have more living space and filled that up too.

I bet you can guess where this is going.

I did NOT need more space. I needed LESS stuff!!!

I’ve learned to love an empty shelf. There is peace in having only enough clothes for one closet. I have flexibility in my time to enjoy my life when I’m not bogged down managing, organizing and sorting all the stuff all the time.

I enjoy my home most when it is not overflowing with stuff but rather full of laughter and joy. Living a life of abundance feels more authentic when my space has SPACE to breath.

No wonder I wanted to move from my previous house. The energy was suffocating because I filled up all the breathing room with STUFF!

I love our home now. Funny enough, it’s probably more space than we even need… and on the days it’s feeling a little small, we know it’s time to donate, discard and recycle some of our possessions.

When we talk about our forever home, it’s actually not any bigger than what we have now. Rather, it’s the location and the layout we would change. We want to live on an acreage in the country and I’m confident I want a front porch with a chair where I can put my feet up, read and enjoy the mountain views. An office space is a must in the next house. I work from home and I crave a space where I can create and feel inspired. We could live without the bonus room, while we do use it we really don’t have to have it… it would be one less place to have to keep clean too! The part I find the most shocking of all is additional closet space has no place on my wish list anymore. I have what I need and I need what I have (and I sound like Dr. Seuss!). I guess I really have grown and matured in my ability to live a life abundant in love, laughter and experiences.

#declutter #personal #abundance

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